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Grill House

Grill house is a summerhouse that allows cooking tasty food inside the building that is why it is the best place of meetings for those who enjoys gathering together with friends around the open fire just because you don’t need to abstract yourself from communicating with loved ones to keep an eye on the process of cooking.

The house holds up to 10 people. In the middle there is a round grill with turning gridirons, along the walls there are benches with pillows that means that all guests can take a sit around the table with an inbuilt brazier.

The most delicious meat and fish are grilled here because this grill is one of the best German grills brought to market of our country, moreover it gives an opportunity to cook a few dishes simultaneously and saves the cooking time what allows you to spend much more time enjoying the communication with your loved ones.

Grill houses became famous in Russia quiet recently and we are proud to be one of the first in our region to propose you such a rest.

Who is to fall in love with it?

  • those who wants to have a rest with their loved ones in nature;
  • those who has caught some fish at our territory and would like to cook it themselves;
  • those who rent the family house or stay in our hotel and prefer to taste some grilled meat or fish.

Grill house rent price is 400 rubles/hour.
In case of a rent time more than 8 hours the price is 3 000 rubles.


8 (47131) 212 55


8 (47131) 212 51

Conference hall

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